Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide getting the job done!


Hydrogen peroxide is a naturally occurring NUTRIENT that SHOULD be found in all of our water and all of our food. Mother Nature puts it there, on purpose, and with good reason. Then we process it out!

I encourage you to make food grade hydrogen peroxide a part of your life. It’s inexpensive and easy. Bathe in it. Spray it up your nose. Rinse your mouth with it. Stick it in your ears. Soak your feet in it. Brush your teeth with it. Use it in every way possible. I am sure that its benefits will absolutely astound you.

The recommended methods of using hydrogen peroxide listed are in no way meant to be interpreted as medical advice, because hydrogen peroxide is not medicine. Hydrogen peroxide is not a “drug”. Hydrogen peroxide is a naturally occurring substance that is made by Mother Nature and is also made by every cell in your body. All of the information shared is designed to encourage you to realize that hydrogen peroxide is a necessary NUTRIENT that your body desperately needs.



“If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.”

Thomas Jefferson


No one at “health food outlets” or in the “alternative medicine” world recommends that concentrated hydrogen peroxide should be used full strength. Of course that is dangerous. Yes, it is true that less than a handful of people over the past number of decades have mistakenly consumed concentrated hydrogen peroxide, but let me ask you something. You probably believe that it is generally safe to take one aspirin if you have a headache. You probably think it is safe to put a teaspoon of sugar in your coffee or tea. Right?

Would you take 700 aspirins? Of course not.

Would you put 700 teaspoons of sugar in your coffee?

Well, 35% hydrogen peroxide is 700 times more concentrated than the amount that is considered safe.

If someone died after taking 700 aspirins, or got sick after eating 700 spoonfuls of sugar, do you think that the FDA would put out a warning regarding the dangers of taking aspirin or using sugar at 700 times the safe dosage?

Or would that be stating the obvious? With any substance, (including hydrogen peroxide) toxicity is always dependent upon the amount used. Even too much water can kill you (and not just by drowning)! Every year, approximately 25 people die because they drink too much water, it dilutes the electrolytes in their system, and the electrical signals to their heart are unable to maintain proper control of their heart beat.The point is that anything and everything can be dangerous if you use it improperly. Everything can be deadly. The important issue is relative danger. Relative to pharmaceutical products, hydrogen peroxide is amazingly safe.




Our Product

We use 35% concentrate Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide and Distilled Water to produce our 3% and 6% solutions.

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**Top Seller** 500ml 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

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500ml 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

Shipped as 2 bottles containing 250ml each, to ensure space for expansion.

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